Universal Syriac Union Party: Establishment of federal system necessary to prevent complete collapse of Lebanese state

BEIRUT — Following the periodic meeting of its Political Bureau and Central Council at its headquarters in Sad al-Baushrih, Lebanon, the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) released a statement calling for bold and objective action to extricate Lebanon from its many crises. The party emphasized the need to establish a federal system that guarantees the reform of the economic, developmental, political, and security situation in the country, while preserving privacy and pluralism and re-establishing true coexistence between the various ethnic and religious components of Lebanon.

The statement highlighted the urgent need for reform in Lebanon and called for action to protect the country’s sovereignty and security. The party expressed concerns about the shattered reality of coexistence due to the influence of militias and the spread of unregulated weapons.

The USUP warned of the complete collapse of the state and called on all parties and people to take action and ensure its stability.

In the statement, the party criticized the imposition of excessive taxes on citizens who are suffering the consequences of decades of corruption. The USUP expressed particular concern for the Christian people of Lebanon, who are paying the largest percentage of taxes to the state.

The USUP believes that the current situation requires the establishment of local popular bodies and committees that contribute, in coordination with municipalities, political parties, organizations, and associations, to local governance.

This picture taken on 21 November 2020 shows an aerial view of a partially-completed 300-square-metre Lebanese national flag made up from plastic bottles, caps, and empty bullet cartridge set up by environmental activists at an open-air restaurant and wedding venue in the town of Bnachii in northern Lebanon, a day ahead of the country’s 77th independence day. (Image: Ibrahim Chalhoub / AFP)

The party called for the concerted efforts must be undertaken by all patriotic Lebanese to fill the presidential vacuum, said the USUSP, stressing the importance of holding a general national sovereign conference in Lebanon with international support to sign a historic sovereign parliamentary document. The document outlined by the party aims to activate international decisions regarding Lebanon and facilitate the transition to a federal system that would provide a free and dignified life while establishing full justice for all Lebanese.

The statement concluded with praise for the courage of the Lebanese Army in securing the country’s borders and emphasized that it is the sole protector of Lebanon’s sovereignty and security.

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On Sunday, the Lebanese Army announced that it compelled the Israeli Army to withdraw from the country’s border with Israel. In a statement, the Lebanese Army said that an Israeli patrol transgressed the Blue Line in Aita al-Shaab.

The Blue Line was established by the United Nations in 2000 as a boundary for the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon.

Tensions rose after a brief scuffle broke out between the groups of soldiers after an Israeli soldier pushed a Lebanese soldier before the Israeli soldiers were ordered to retreat across the border.