Middle East Council of Churches denounces violence and attacks on Christian institutions in Sudan, calls for peace and solidarity

BEIRUT — The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) strongly condemned the escalating acts of violence and clashes currently unfolding in Sudan and  expressed deep concern for the immense suffering endured by Sudanese citizens.

The MECC statement unequivocally denounced the deplorable practices of attacking Christian churches and places of worship, highlighting the alarming conversion of some churches into military bases. Such actions foreshadow an impending catastrophe and pose a grave threat to human dignity.

The wanton destruction of religious freedoms and human rights, along with the erosion of peace and security, represents an extremely perilous situation.

The MECC extended unwavering solidarity to the Sudanese people, urging all parties to uphold the armistice agreement and work towards a meaningful cease-fire. It emphasized the significance of nurturing love and justice.

The MECC underscored the imperative for faith-based efforts to foster peace throughout the world.

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