The Diril family rejects the recent judicial ruling in Shmuni and Hurmuz Diril case

MEHRE, Turkey —  The Syriac Chaldean Diril family strongly rejected the ruling issued in their parents’ case by the Şırnak court.

They decided to file the case with the Supreme Court, due to the judicial ruling unfairness and unaccountability for the perpetrators.

The Syriac-Chaldean Diril couple had returned in 2011 to their village of Kovankaya, which Syriac name is Mehre. Şmuni Diril had gone missing for 70 days together with her husband Hurmüz Diril. Her mutilated body was found on March 20, 2020, at a stream near their village after snow had melted and uncovered her body.

She had been dead for a long time. There is still no news about the fate and whereabouts of Hurmüz Diril since January 11, 2020.

Apro Diril is one of the three suspects in the case of the Syriac Chaldean couple. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Şırnak court and the other two suspects were released.

The Diril family stated that Apro was not the only suspect involved in the killing of Shmuni and kidnapping of Hurmüz.

“The investigations were not sufficient, and the evidence was tampered with,” the afflicted family declared.

The family’s lawyer announced that they are not satisfied with the court’s decision, indicating that they will continue with the case until justice is achieved and all the perpetrators are held accountable.