Three Syriac youth from Syria in top ranks in Mr. Universe Syria international championship 

DARAMSUQ — Three Syriac youth, Afram Issa, Jamil Assal, and Emil Elio, from Zalin (Qamishli) and Holeb (Aleppo), Syria, won the first three places in the Mr. Universe Syria international championship held in Daramsuq (Damascus) for the first time since 2013.

Afram Issa ranked first place in the championship for the Masters category for 40-year-old men. Jamil Assal ranked first place for the category of men 95 kg weight. Emil Elio finished 3rd in the same category.

The Mr. Universe Syria competition is held for the first time in Syria with the participation of other countries, including Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine. The event saw the participation of around 200 contenders spanning different age groups and categories.

The triumphant athletes shared their journey of rigorous training and strict adherence to a meticulously crafted healthy diet, all amidst the adversities and challenges that have beset Syria.

Emil Elio had participated in previous champions, including the Syrian Republic Champion Championship of the and won the first place, and the Sayed al-Shati Bodybuilding Championship, in which he ranked first.

In comments to our news desk, Afram Issa declared that the preparation for the championship took place five months ago.

Reflecting on the preparation for the championship, Afram Issa revealed that their dedicated training commenced five months prior, underlining the dedication and perseverance that led to their success.

Looking forward, Issa revealed ambitious plans to our newsdesk, stating, “In the coming year, I am set to participate in multiple championships across Asia, Lebanon, the Netherlands, and Spain.”

He thanked Suroyo TV and SyriacPress for highlighting the achievements of Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) people in sports and other fields of life.