SWEDEN: Bethnahrin Women’s Union in Sweden celebrates International Women’s Day

Södertälje – The Bethnahrin Women’s Union branch in Sweden held a lecture this Sunday on the occasion of International Women’s Day at the Bethnahrin Cultural Club in Södertälje.

The celebration included a cultural lecture about women and the meaning of this day for them. The lecture was delivered by Ms. Phyllis Yeniay and Ms. Oya Tahan, representatives of the Bethnahrin Women’s Union in Sweden. They talked about the symbolism of this day and why the world celebrates it in various forms. They addressed the struggle of the Bethnahrin Women’s Union and its role in ​​strengthening the role and capacities of Syriac women in Europe.

On another location and occassion, the Assyrian Observatory for Human Rights celebrated International Women’s Day, with a lecture by Father Isa Salibi, priest of the Syriac Melkite Church in Motala, Sweden. Under the theme “Church and Women” Fr. Salibi referred to the position of women in the church and the Church’s view and attitude towards women. He also talked about the equality rights and duties of men and women in Christian faith.

The head of the Assyrian Observatory for Human Rights Jamil Diyarbakrli, also gave a speech in which he spoke about the meanings and implications of Women’s Day. He pointed out that the process of maintaining equality between men and women requires further strengthening.