Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian institutions hold the first Diversity Festival in Ankawa, Iraq

ANKAWA, Iraq— On World Day for Cultural Diversity, the Soraya Foundation for Culture and Media and the Chaldean Cultural Society held the first Diversity Festival in Ankawa on Monday, at Ur Hall, with the participation of the Erbil Youth Voluntary Team.

The festival began with opening the art exhibition and book fair, after which a minute of silence was observed for the souls of the deceased poets Zuhair Barada and Muthaffar al-Nawab.

A speech was then delivered by Head of the Soraya Foundation and the festival Supervisor Nuzad Bolus al-Hakim. She spoke about the importance of diversity in the Iraqi society, and called on the Iraqi governments in Baghdad and Erbil to enhance this diversity in a way guarantees the rights of all ethnic groups in the Iraqi society.

The speech of the Chaldean Cultural Society was delivered by Sabah Youssef Jajo, who spoke about the importance of holding such activities to promote peace and coexistence.

After that, member of the administrative body of Soraya Foundation Vian Jalal Markos presented the festival program, which included performances by the youth of diverse ethnic groups.

She also spoke about civil society activists who participated in the festival.

The festival included folklore songs and different types of traditional food.