Lebanese-American Coordination Committee: We insist on holding elections on time, with integrity, freedom, and international supervision

BEIRUT — A delegation from the Lebanese-American Coordination Committee led by Ambassador Walid Maalouf, an American diplomat of Lebanese origin, held a meeting at the headquarters of the Sovereign Front for Lebanon located in the central house of the National Liberal Party in Sodeco. The meeting took place in the presence ofMP Majed Adi Abi Al-Lama’, a member of the Strong Republic bloc, and a number of party leaders and members of the Front.

Maalouf introduced the delegation by saying, “We are the delegation of the Lebanese-American Coordination Committee, which includes six active American organizations who have come together to work to protect Lebanon’s identity and restore its sovereignty, consolidate its independence, consolidate its active neutrality, as well as the struggle to achieve justice and implement reforms while fighting corruption.”

Maalouf added, “We were honored to meet the Sovereign Front as part of an exploratory visit that we are making to Lebanon to see developments, especially with regard to constitutional entitlements, foremost of which are the parliamentary elections, which we insist must be held on time with integrity, freedom and international supervision, in a way that enables the Lebanese people to exercise their right to vote democratically and put Lebanon on the path to salvation.”

He also emphasized his commitment to working with all friends in the U.S. to continue to support the Lebanese people and the legitimate military and security forces whose sole responsibility is to maintain the security and safety of the Lebanese, as he put it.